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Sub Award Procedures 

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides guidance to sub award procedures on their website.

Final Payments to Subcontractors

The CALS/CHE BSC receives many requests for final payments to subcontractors. We have found that often these requests are missing information which is needed in order to process payments quickly. To avoid delays in processing final payments to subcontractors, invoices should include the following information:

  • Subcontract Number
  • Dates that the work was performed
  • Invoice must be clearly marked as "FINAL"
  • Certification of costs (the certification ensures that the costs incurred have been expended for the work which was performed). It needs to be signed by the consultant, subcontractor or authorized institutional representative). The certification can be something like the following: "I certify, as a representative of XXXXXXXX, that the costs invoiced here are the actual costs as recorded in the XXXXXXX records and as expended for the work actually performed in accordance with the terms of agreement # XXXXX-XXXX."
  • The Cornell PI should also review the final invoice and approve it for payment before forwarding to the BSC. (View an example of a Subcontractor Sample invoice)