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Procurement Gateway

The Procurement Gateway is a central location for all the tools needed for procurement at Cornell University.  All that is needed to access the gateway is a Cornell netid.

I Want Doc

The I Want Doc should be used by individuals (Requestors) for any request for goods/services that cannot be done via e-Shop or by utilizing a department individual’s procurement card.

Commonly used for:

  • Pcard purchases over $1,500.00
  • Services
  • Orders from vendors who don’t accept credit cards
  • Stipends
  • Honorariums
  • Speaker fees
  • Awards
  • Travel reimbursement - outside of trip system
  • Subcontract payments
  • Prepaid travel
  • Personal Reimbursements


e-SHOP gives Cornell purchasers a one-stop, web-based "shopping cart" for ordering a full range of goods and services.

e-SHOP access requests can be submitted to Tara Kimberl by your Department Administrator via email.


procurement card (also known as a purchasing card, or "PCard") is a Visa charge card that may be used for the purchase of business-related goods and services, excluding travel-related items. It is intended for employees whose positions require frequent, small-dollar purchases.

To request a PCard, please have your Department Administrator/supervisor contact Tara Kimberl.

For charge disputes, please fill out the Dispute Form and fax to US Bank.

Procurement card (Pcard) holders must submit transaction receipts and other documentation using ImageNow.  See the ImageNow Cardholder Process Tutorial.

Contracts for Services

Engaging Independent Contractors and Consultants

Before engaging a service provider, you must evaluate whether the individual or entity providing the service should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor (vendor), based upon IRS guidelines.  Read more about Contracts for Services.