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BSC Director

Jennifer Austin
(607) 254-4272


Geneva Contacts

Lab of Ornithology

Lab of Ornithology Contacts



Jennifer Austin
(607) 254-4272

R&B Billing

Tara Kimberl
(607) 254-4272

Contact Us

Please contact the Financial Transaction Representative for your department, the main office (607) 254-4272, or email BSC Support Services with questions about:

  • Policies/procedures for processing travel reimbursements, purchase orders, personal reimbursements, etc.
  • Policies/procedures for obtaining procurement cards
  • Policies/procedures regarding cardholder responsibilities
  • General questions about the BSC

In Person

Visit the BSC at 115 Bruckner Hall, 208 Mann Dr., Ithaca NY 14853.

By Appointment

We are available to meet with you in your office to discuss any questions you have regarding processes.