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Below is a list of service level standards for the CALS/CHE Business Service Center. Please note:

  • # of days are in Business Days
  • Requests submitted after 2:00 pm are stamped as next business day receipt
  • Turnaround times may be affected due to missing documentation and information
  • Turnaround times include initiating and approving docs
Service Turnaround Time
Advance Deposit (AD)
Cash and foreign checks are only picked up once a week (Wed)
2 Days
Budget Adjustment (BA) 5 Days
Cash Advance  5 Days
Disbursement Voucher (DV) 5 Days
Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) 5 Days
eShop Requisitions 1 Day
eShop Security Requests 1 Day
General Error Correction (GEC) 5 Days
I Want Doc (IWNT)
Reviewed Daily & Notes updated at least weekly if delays
5 Days
New account requests, subaccount, subobject, etc. 5 Days
Payment Request (PREQ) 5 Days
Petty Cash
Reimbursement up to $100 during normal BSC hours, when funds permit. Appropriate approval and documentation needed.
As needed
Procurement Card - New and change requests 5 Days
Procurement Card - BSC PCard purchase 2 Days
Procurement Card transaction released in KFS
Prior to 10 day notification and/or auto approval with appropriate receipt and documentation.
5-7 day Post Trans
Requisition (not including eShop)
Must be reviewed daily
5 Days
Transfer of Funds (TF) 5 Days
Travel Reimbursements (DV)
Within 5 days - domestic; 7 to 10 days - international
5 or 7-10